venres, 9 de outubro de 2015

Jørgen Leth, o perfecto humano imperfecto

I take one sentence and put it after
the other one. I build up a sequence.
I love you, I’m smoking a cigarette.
I touch your face, twist your lip
out of shape and taste your food, the place
is a restaurant in Europe. From another
time I see the woman smoking a cigarette,
extreme closeup of the cigarette’s glow
like in a film by Godard. There shouldn’t
be many things in this piece.
The other day I saw the outermost room
in a museum on a slope at the sea.
The furniture out in the air, out among
the branches, early afternoon.
What was it she wanted to be?
Sometimes, she said, a cup of almond-tea
waiting to be drunk.
Sometimes oil, olive-oil,
to be spread out on a pan.
Sometimes a door in the morning
with a hole in the middle waiting
to be opened by white paper
and envelopes with stamps upon them.
It’s all from the same time.
It’s all from the same time.
It must be together.

Jørgen Leth 

O bonito de The prefect human de Jørgen Leth é que me deu ganas de escreber. 

Aquí vos deixo a curta que tivemos a sorte de ver en #Curtocircuíto2015 e de coñecer ao propio Leth, que está entusiasmado con Santiago e con ganas de falar coa xente de por aquí que se adica ao cinema. E unha descuberta máis: o cineasta danés tamén é poeta!

 "I always wanted a film to be as free as writing poetry. As free as opening the structure and opening to changes, to sudden chance and impacts. I think this film has these probabilities. It is very fresh in its structure. It’s not preconceived. It goes where it goes.”

Deixo aquí poemas del que atopei pola rede traducidos ao inglés : 
-En "Interlingual Zoo" de Martin Aitken, aquí 
-En Unseen Recordings, aquí

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