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Cegueira sonámbula azul merda

Capa da novela de Essie Fox
Also, sleepwalking is super 80s.
This whole "never wake a person while they're sleepwalking" feels like a private joke that went too far
Cuando era pequeño pensaba que acabaría saliendo con una persona completamente ciega, o convirtiéndome en una persona completamente ciega, porque me dolía mucho ver el mundo. A veces todavía me vendo los ojos e imagino que se quedan de esa manera, como Ruth Aldine. Creo que me gusta la gente que huele realmente bien. Y cerrar los ojos. O quizás no me gusta tener que verlo todo. Disfuncionalidades sanas, no como no poder subir unas escaleras.

Y luego está la gente que saluda al entrar al baño.
David Haller

The Sleepers (les dormeurs)
"I asked people to give me a few hours of their sleep. To come and sleep in my bed. To let themselves be looked at and photographed. I took photographs every hour. I watched my guests sleep".
Sophie Calle
The initial impetus for this project stemmed from a request from one of Calle's friends to sleep in her bed. This started the artist thinking about the boundaries between public and private space and the activities that are carried out within them, and she began asking friends and strangers to sleep in her bed for an entire week. As with all of Calle's installations from this period, she devised strict parameters in which she operated and would record the events that unfolded both with photographs and text, which she then assembled to produce the finished work: "I contacted 45 people by phone: People I didn't know and whose names were suggested to me by common acquaintances, a few friends and residents of the neighborhood whose work called on them to sleep during the day: the baker for instance. I intended my bedroom to become a constantly occupied space for eight days, with sleepers succeeding one another at regular intervals. 29 people finally accepted. Among these five never showed up: an agency baby sitter and I took their places. 16 people refused either because they had other commitments or the thing didn't agree with them. The occupation of the bed began on Sunday, April 1, at 5pm and ended on Monday , April 9, at 10am. 28 sleepers succeed one another. A few of them crossed each other. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner were served depending on the time of day. Clean bedsheets were provided at the disposal of each sleeper
On Sophie Calle "The Sleepers"
Tuve diecinueve pesadillas;
Soñaba que era Denis Lavant
y Leos Carax arruinaba mi mejor actuación
con su peor idea.
Veía en mis sueños
diecinueve seres en una sala de cine
riendo a carcajadas cada vez que yo abría la boca,
se acaloraban y reían,
gritaban pataleando
sobre sus puestos de la fila diecinueve,
se atragantaban con sus  comidas y reían,
se ahogaban y reían,
y aullaban
y suspiraban  
y no.

Diecinueve cuchillos iluminan mis ojos
y rasguñan mi alma.
Muero diecinueve veces por las mañanas,
cada día igual
desde hace diecinueve años.
Alexandra Espinosa

Sei que viñeches para quedar porque por primeira vez a tristeza sobre a que escribo é a túa

Vienes para quedarte porque por primera vez escribo sobre una tristeza que no es la mía


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